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Tone Depth - Motormouth

First up is an EP that we are incredibly proud of as it features an Incorrectambassador, Tone Depth. In addition, we have remixes by two Incorrect"family" members, Subfractal and Patrick Siech. This package is heavy on the "wow" factor, just what you've come to expect from Detroit's leading techno/house label. 

New member into the Incorrect fraternity straight from Sweeden is someone that caught our eye last fall with his amazing release on Drumcode, Patrick Siech. Literally one of our favorite pieces of work ever on Incorrect, Patrick's remix of "Motormouth" is a deep, sexy journey that keeps pressing onward. No stranger to Incorrect comes our brothers, Subfractal with their third release on our label. Once again aiming to impress they get high-marks for their rendition of "Photon Itch".


Stephan Bodzin (Herzblut / Systematic) - Patrick siech´s one of the best at the moment. play all his stuff. another big one here. 10/10
Bushwacka - love this
Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted) - Patrick's remix is swinging as hell! love it ! :) 
Kimono (Phobiq / BEK Audio / H-Productions) - Siech remix is king ! 
Psycatron (Planet E) - The Patrick Siech mix is pretty cool!
Nihad Tule (Drumcode / Truesoul) - Support for Patricks remix. Hi string FTW! :)
Loco & Jam (CODE) - Great Package.. Loving Patrick Siech's remix of Motormouth but also liking Photon Itch Original and Subfractals Remix is Killer!!! Supoort on all!
Grant Paterson (Edinburgh Evening News) - Deep tech sounds packed with emotional atmosphere... very nice indeed! 10/10 
Electric Rescue (Skrypton / Boysnoize / Cocoon) - nice release, support the tracks
Michele Ciuoffo ( - Patrick Siech Remix is very good! thanks will play 
Snello (Respekt / Dogma) - remixes are hammers, thanks!!! 10/10
D.A.V.E. The Drummer (Hydraulix / Elektrax) - cool 
Hertz (Q-Records / 1605) - Swedish support! 
Sinisa Lukic (Kaseta Music) - Patricks remix is for me 
Taster Peter (Trapez / Tronic) - Motormouth (Patrick Siech Remix) is HOT! will play! 
A. Mochi (Figure) - I like Motormouth (Patrick Siech)!!
Magma Global Groove (Radio Italy) - I liked the way they're both deep and aggressive. Love the Siech's version, it's perfect. 
D.Diggler (Cocoon) - yo ! cool stuff !! thx4this ! will play the Siech mix & Photon ich (original). this one is a bomb ! 
Sasha Carassi (Phobiq / Drumcode) - Dopoe! 
Tone Depth (Bad Pony) - May = Techno :) 10/10
Anton Sever (Kiss FM / UE) - Patrick Siech Remix is the best track in this pack for me! 10/10 full support 
Karotte (Karotte's Kitchen) - the rmx from patrick is nice. will play this one. 
Tarlouf X (B:Trax / Sabotage) - both remixs are great specially the patrick siech :) 
Guy J (Bedrock) - Motormouth (Patrick Siech Remix) for me , thnx good luck !
Seegee (Respekt) - Patrick Siech Remix for me cheers!
Criss Source - Great Mixes... P. Siech for me. THX 
Tom Novy (Nouveau Niveau) - Siech rmx is nice, support! 
Jamie Stevens (Infusion) - superdoopa! holy hell, what a wicked quality EP and finding it hard to pick a fave but Photon Itch is DEADLY and Patrick's remix of Motormouth is superb too. nice one! 10/10

Tone Depth (Patrick Siech remix)
May 04 2011
Motormouth (Patrick Siech remix)
Photon Itch (Subfractal remix)
Photon Itch


Floor Food part 02

Floor Food part 02 by Patrick Siech

Floor Food part 01 (Aug 2010)

Floor Food part 01 (Aug 2010) by Patrick Siech




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Kant Recordings: 2.5 Years of Remixes

Jan 23 2012

Pehr Genlogue, Kretipleti, Per Hammar, Nils Andgren (Eric Ericksson, Patrick Siech, Agaric, Nima Khak, Kretipleti remix)
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Tone Depth - Motormouth

May 04 2011

Tone Depth (Patrick Siech remix)

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Christopher Bleckmann - Obolus EP

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