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Crude EP

A long term promoter and DJ in Sweden, Patrick Siech’s transition to production has been a sucessful one, following a few releases for the Kant label, is now welcomed aboard Adam Beyer’s long-running techno mainstay.

‘Crude’, due to the combination of incredibly detailed (and tripped-out) edits/sound evolution and a lolloping loose bassline, is a woozy peak time anthem which doesn’t quit. 

B-side, ‘Bad Carnival’, is a heavily percussive, contemporary tribal techno cut which takes no prisoners. Complete with the sort of inebriated bassline as it’s A-Side counterpart but with an additional sense of percussive menace, ‘Bad Carnival’ makes for yet another nicely weighted Drumcode release. 


Adam Beyer - "! 5/5"
Len Faki - "Bass heavy spaced out techno? Superb - full support for crude! 5/5"
Ida Engberg - "Crude is a BOMB!!!! Have been playing it in almost every set since I got it. 5/5"
Joseph Capriati - "Wow amazing EP, really love "Crude" but i will play both tracks for sure! Bomb again on Drumcode! 5/5"
Joel Mull - "I love Crude. Patrick has the Funk!! Been playing it since i got it from Patrick in Malmö. Give me more!! :D 5/5"
Pig & Dan - "Firing!!! will blast the fuck out of this! 5/5"
Stephan Bodzin - "Again good stuff from sweden! 5/5"
Gregor Tresher - "Big tracks from Patrick, will play a lot!"
 Jesper Dahlbäck - "Dancefloor killer! Max support! 5/5"
Karotte - "Again a great Drumcode release. Both tracks are perfect for me."
Mistress Barbara - "Another superb release from Drumcode. Bad Carnival is the top one for me. Full support 5/5"
Flavio Diaz - "2 Special tracks for me!! really loving the work on the percussion in this shot! many thanks! Flavio 5/5"
KIMONO - "Very impressed with Patrick Siechs EP. Have been playing these a lot! Bad Carnival is my fav! 5/5"
Sasha Carassi - "PHAT! Love both mixes, will play and chart! 5/5"
Andre Sobota - "Loving Bad Carnival! Will play at the Brazilian carnival soon indeed…"
Kyle Geiger - "Really liking this!"
Nihad Tule - "Great cuts from Patrick!"
Tom Hades - "Very good one !! Loving Crude !! :) Thanks !!"
Nima Khak - "This release is off the hook! Full support!" - 
Alexi Delano - "100% Support!!" - 
John Selway - "Definitely will play Crude, nice groove!" -
Michel de Hay - "Bad Carnival = Baaaaaadddd! Great techno!"
John Digweed - "Good stuff!" 
Christian Varela - "Excellent!"
Laurent Garnier - "Ohhh yesss - I like that a lot - Full support from me on both tracks"
Slam - "Fucking A - love them both - "Crude" just edges it - full support"
Butch - "Finally some good techno!"
Alan Fitzpatrick - "Love this. Top release and great start for this new producer!"

12", Digital
Oct 25 2010
Bad Carnival


Floor Food part 02

Floor Food part 02 by Patrick Siech

Floor Food part 01 (Aug 2010)

Floor Food part 01 (Aug 2010) by Patrick Siech




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