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End Of The Horizon EP


Öz is the man! Full support on this mix.
- Joel Mull

Downloaded! Thanx
- Luciano

support :)
- Alexi Delano

nice tunes, supporting. :)
- Paco Osuna

like the groove in end of the horizon dark and groovy lovely
- Pig & Dan

really into the groove in End Of The Horizon...shall rinse it!
- Funk D'Void

big package from my favorite LA label, will play alot!
- Gregor Tresher

Very cool package of mixes - will play

Ozgur Can's mix is my fav, big tune, thanks!
- Dave Turov

super cool tracks! will play out for sure - many thanks!
- Electric Indigo

Railyard always with a unique vision...
- DJ Three

nice remixes also... but the original does it for me :)
- Andrew Grant

Solid EP all around - Ozgur Mix is great. Sweden represent!
- Noah Pred

wowzah... fantastic original and ozgur can remix on "so dark.."
- Chris Fortier

awesome release. going to chart it. good job.
- Chloe Harris

The Ozgur remix is very cool, but ill def play End of Horizon. Twisted, deep n driving.
- Erphun

Great release!!!! full support
- Fra Soler

Wow, really nice dark and twisted release. I like the original the most and then the remix! Good work!
- Patrick Bateman


The Other Side of Stockholm...

With release 28, Railyard is happy to add another Swede to the roster with a proper EP by Techno theorist Mikael Jonasson.  With slick releases on both Harthouse and Audiomatique, we were forced to pay attention.  What can we say folks...we have a musical hard-on for cats that spend this much time in the cold.

So Dark the Con of Man leads off the package.  For those that appreciate minimalism, the cut delivers.  Believe us when we say it doesn’t require feline anesthetics to get you in the mood.  Driving, throbbing and deep enough to uncork any floor midset, the track is just as well suited for the B-Room as it is the desert.  Trippy is an understatement.

Remix duties for the lead track come from Sweden’s Ozgur Can.  With high-flying cuts on Save Me and My Disco Preset, we were super-excited when the techno stalwart took the project on.  Boy did he ever deliver.  Funky basslines mingle with proper rhythmic beds to create a feel Bootsy would get down to. His work has a rock solid arrangement and production all around.

End of the Horizon sees Mikael working primetime Tech real estate.  No formulaic timeshares here;  just proper banging club music that’ll get even the discerning chin-strokers up to the front for some spotting.  The cut conjures images of galloping landscapes and does SERIOUS damage.  No need to tell you how cavernous the reverbs on the stabs is.  Just trust...

Raliyard invites you to take a trip up North with us and enjoy the chill of nu-skool Stockholm for the Summer months....

Railyard Recordings
12", Digital
Jul 14 2010
So Dark The Con Of Man


Özgür Can - My Disco Soundcast Volume 4

Özgür Can - My Disco Soundcast Volume 4 by Ozgur Can

Özgür Can - My Disco Soundcast Volume 3

Özgür Can - My Disco Soundcast Volume 3 by Ozgur Can




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