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Emma Karlsson, aka Miss Dilemma (SWE), found her life changed from the moment she came upon a vinyl. Since then, her trademark of technical fetishism and a total passion for electronic dance music has been discovered and loved by many. 

Techno has, from the beginning, been at centerstage of her style. It fits her scatterbrain charm and lively personality with its melding of raw abrasive beats and its many funky elements. She uses a 3 deck setup, perfect for crazy mash-ups, and she fuses them with a true-hearted happiness and an exploding energy that draws you in and keeps you there. Or, as the international DJ Mag chose to phrase it: [Her mix has that] spellbinding-what-the-fuck-quality that would rip any floor apart.

Today she is one of the most frequently booked Swedish DJs, both nationally and abroad. She's also the founder and manager of the community Swedish Techno. Creating events and supporting Swedish acts on a local level. In addition to this, she also has had time to win the Tranzexperience DJ competition (FIN), has been one of three nominees as best techno night at Paranoia Awards (IND), has been ranked as nr 10 in 'Scandinavia's top 100 DJs- list' and has won iDJ mag's "Raw Talent competition" (UK) and was nr 39 in the huge DJ competition NGDJ by Letsmix and Pioneer among 3500 attendees. 

Wherever or whatever she plays, her style is energetic, and regardless of if its hard or soft, a typical Miss Dilemma mix is recognizable by their high technical level and fresh take. These two things has become her signature trait  together with a constant smile!

Booking and remix requests: wmwl.org

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Miss Dilemma - MedellinStyle Exclusive Mix - 17.06.10

Miss Dilemma - MedellinStyle Exclusive Mix - 17.06.10 by Miss Dilemma

DJ Miss Dilemma Live at Fabriken, Stockholm

DJ Miss Dilemma Live at Fabriken, Stockholm by Miss Dilemma