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Pincer Movement

The 12" of Pehr Genlogue is now available on and every other vinyl store! Digital release on Sep. 26.

Here's what people are saying about the release:


Mark Broom – “Kretpleti mix is a rocker.. straight in the cd wallet!!!!” 

Darren Emerson - "The Agaric mix is really nice, that’s the one for me..." 

Dave Seaman - "Agaric delivers nicely… as always! Thank you."

Dan - (Pig & Dan) - "Massive release. Thanks for these BOMBS! Will be dropping their asses all over! Kretipleti my fav here." 

Rocky - (X-Press 2) - "Agaric and Original mixes are doing it for me. Well good!" 

Hernan Cattaneo - "Agaric and Nima Khak remixes sound very good. Will play!" 

Martin Landsky - "The Agaric mix really does ROCK..." 

Christian Smith - "Not enough bass in that Agaric remix? J Joke! I will hammer this! Awesome!"

 Carlo Lio - "Agaric is the man! Great remix.. Whole pack is dope!"

 Samuel L Session - "Like the movie feel of some elements here in the original, it has a nice melancholic feel."

 Shadow Dancer - "Got to go for the dark, brooding original mix here. If Michael Mann ever re-scores Manhunter, this would fit perfectly."

 Magda – “I’ll test the Agaric remix. Thanx for sending.”

 Andrew Grant – (Circoloco) - "Kreptipleti Remix is SICK!! J"

 Danny Howells - "Solid package of mixes here, and the Agaric mix is killer!!"

 Dominik Eulberg - "I LOVE the Agaric remix..."

 Norman Nodge - "Hmmm… I think I will try the Kretipleti remix. Let you know how it goes J"

Richie Hawtin - Downloaded.

Joris Voorn - "Agaric remix and original are GREAT! Support from me!"

Danilo Vigorito - "This is a nice release... i like the Agaric mix very much. Support!"

Anderson Noise - "Nima Khak Remix is sounding really good. Will test it out!"

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Original is my fav thanks! support from Ibiza Global Radio."

Diversions - (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Lovin' the dense, sinister vibes of the Kretipleti remix."

Steve Parry - (Juice FM UK) - "Agaric mix is wicked thanks."

De:Bug Magazine Germany - "Considering for review."

Raúl - ( - "Great release!!"

Misstress Barbara - "Like the Agaric Mix a lot! Support from me!"

Matt Walsh - "Some proper techno here, love Agaric's work, one for the big rooms!"

Arnaud Le Texier - "I will play Agaric remix this weekend for sure!!! Fantastic!"

Jon Rundell - "Agaric mix really is ace!! Big plays coming from me."

Marc Marzenit - "Agaric remix it's my favourite on this release. Clear sound, big groove and nice trip!"

Nick Warren - "This is a really great package, Agaric mix is huge!"

Cirillo - "Agaric Remix, a great building track for picking things up.”

Gary Beck - "Agaric remix ROCKS here!!! J"

Shlomi Aber - "Some nice mixes here. I think the Kretipleti remix is my fav."

Karotte - "Agaric remix is my pick. Good groove and nice break. Will play!"

Nicolas Masseyeff - "Like Agaric Remix!! Great remix!!! Will definitely be playing. J"

Angel Molina - "Agaric remix is a killer one here! Really good!"

Marco Bailey - "Agaric Mix is strong! I’m gonna try it out! Thanks!"

Wally Lopez - "Agaric remix for my sets. Thank you for sending. Support from me!"

Marc Antona - "Oh yes… I’m up for the Agaric remix... J"

Martin Eyerer - "Epic epic Agaric remix!! Def playing this!"

Mihalis Safras - "You HAVE to be joking?! Awesome remix from Patrik! Hats off!!!"

Kaiserdisco - "Agaric remix sounds great!! Will check them out on the dancefloor!! J"

Paco Osuna - "Agaric always rocks J Love his mix!!"

Joseph Capriati - "Agaric remix is VERY nice!! Thank you sending. Support from me!"

Guy J - "Agaric remix sounding great for me. Will play it out! Thnx and good luck."

Ali - (Tiefschwarz) - "Agaric remix is def my fav. from this package. Gonna test it. Thanks."

Pig - (Pig & Dan) - "The Agaric mix is completely insane, also enjoyed the more dubby original."

Dustin Zahn - "I really like the psychedelic vibes on Agaric's remix! Gonna play it!"

Alan Fitzpatrick - "This is a really great release! Maybe Agaric? But will try them.”

Craig (Silicone Soul) - "Loving the blissed out tech of the Agaric mix - a sure playa!!! Nice ep all round."

Agoria - "Agaric mix is a good dj tool, will work perfectly on big floors i guess, but the original is the best here for me."

Sian - "Agaric Remix is huge, simply HUGE.."

Victor Calderone - "Great remix package.. Agaric mix is BIG!! Nice one."

Dubfire - "Agaric mix ROCKS!!"

Konrad Black - "Both the Agaric remix and Nima Khak remix kill it for me...thanks!"

Club Madnezz Radio Holland - "Very underground, but nice production."

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Original is my fav thanks! support from Ibiza Global Radio."

Diversions - (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Lovin' the dense, sinister vibes of the Kretipleti remix."

Raphael Dincsoy (Partysan / Stuttgart) - "Agaric remix is cool! Will play."

Scan Mode - (DJ Magazine Spain) - "Nice Agaric remix!!" 

Pehr Genlogue (Kretipleti, Nima Khak, Agaric remix)
Sep 02 2011
Pincer Movement (Original)
Pincer Movement (Agaric Remix)
Pincer Movement (Nima Khak Remix)
Pincer Movement (Kretipleti Remix)


Kretipleti - Droneworks Vol 1

Kretipleti - Droneworks Vol 1 by Kretipleti

Kretipleti - Aterbesk

Kretipleti - Aterbesk by Kretipleti




Release Cover

Kant Recordings: 2.5 Years of Remixes

Jan 23 2012

Pehr Genlogue, Kretipleti, Per Hammar, Nils Andgren (Eric Ericksson, Patrick Siech, Agaric, Nima Khak, Kretipleti remix)
Kant Recordings

Release Cover

Pincer Movement

Sep 02 2011

Pehr Genlogue (Kretipleti, Nima Khak, Agaric remix)
Kant Recordings

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Jordel EP

Aug 31 2011


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Kontaminationen EP

Aug 03 2011

Coincidence Records

Release Cover

A Strange Town

Sep 15 2010

Himan (Calapez, Kretipleti, E-Klash, youANDme, Patrick Siech remix)
Kant Recordings

Release Cover

Sleaze Compilation 003

Aug 09 2010

Sleaze Records

Release Cover

Margie Killed Ray Van Mechelen

Jun 14 2010

Psytox (Andre Lanine, Jeroen Search, Kretipleti remix)
Coincidence Records