Jesper Aubin is the Swedish chef who quit cooking at restaurants & became a musician and producer. But he never stopped surprising his friends with extraordinary meals.

When he creates music he uses his cooking experience. It has to be a balance between sweet and sour, salt and bitter. He needs to find the harmony that can affect all senses simultaneously.

- Music and food is a perfect match for me. When I work as a chef I am always looking for new flavours and combinations, with music it’s the same thing. I am always listening for new sounds and marriages between the frequencies to find something new. And when the flavours are in balance according to my intensions it’s time for service!

Jesper has had several successful events in Sweden during the last couple of years. He is now part of House Music With Love, one of the biggest house/techno blogs in Scandinavia.

Autumn 2011 Jesper is releasing four tracks on Artizan Music. A Ep collaboration between Jesper Aubin and Poussez.


Jesper Aubin Live at Nefertiti GBG, Sweden 16 may

Jesper Aubin Live at Nefertiti GBG, Sweden 16 may by Jesper Aubin

HMWL Podcast 54 - Jesper Aubin

HMWL Podcast 54 - Jesper Aubin by Jesper Aubin




Release Cover

Scandavian Mischief EP

Dec 05 2011

Jesper Aubin, Poussez
Artizan Music

Release Cover

MF/MB/ - The big machine (Jesper Aubin Remix)

Jul 12 2011

MF/MB (Jesper Aubin remix)
Adrian Recordings