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Crude EP

A long term promoter and DJ in Sweden, Patrick Siech’s transition to production has been a sucessful one, following a few releases for the Kant label, is now welcomed aboard Adam Beyer’s long-running techno mainstay.

‘Crude’, due to the combination of incredibly detailed (and tripped-out) edits/sound evolution and a lolloping loose bassline, is a woozy peak time anthem which doesn’t quit. 

B-side, ‘Bad Carnival’, is a heavily percussive, contemporary tribal techno cut which takes no prisoners. Complete with the sort of inebriated bassline as it’s A-Side counterpart but with an additional sense of percussive menace, ‘Bad Carnival’ makes for yet another nicely weighted Drumcode release. 


Adam Beyer - "! 5/5"
Len Faki - "Bass heavy spaced out techno? Superb - full support for crude! 5/5"
Ida Engberg - "Crude is a BOMB!!!! Have been playing it in almost every set since I got it. 5/5"
Joseph Capriati - "Wow amazing EP, really love "Crude" but i will play both tracks for sure! Bomb again on Drumcode! 5/5"
Joel Mull - "I love Crude. Patrick has the Funk!! Been playing it since i got it from Patrick in Malmö. Give me more!! :D 5/5"
Pig & Dan - "Firing!!! will blast the fuck out of this! 5/5"
Stephan Bodzin - "Again good stuff from sweden! 5/5"
Gregor Tresher - "Big tracks from Patrick, will play a lot!"
 Jesper Dahlbäck - "Dancefloor killer! Max support! 5/5"
Karotte - "Again a great Drumcode release. Both tracks are perfect for me."
Mistress Barbara - "Another superb release from Drumcode. Bad Carnival is the top one for me. Full support 5/5"
Flavio Diaz - "2 Special tracks for me!! really loving the work on the percussion in this shot! many thanks! Flavio 5/5"
KIMONO - "Very impressed with Patrick Siechs EP. Have been playing these a lot! Bad Carnival is my fav! 5/5"
Sasha Carassi - "PHAT! Love both mixes, will play and chart! 5/5"
Andre Sobota - "Loving Bad Carnival! Will play at the Brazilian carnival soon indeed…"
Kyle Geiger - "Really liking this!"
Nihad Tule - "Great cuts from Patrick!"
Tom Hades - "Very good one !! Loving Crude !! :) Thanks !!"
Nima Khak - "This release is off the hook! Full support!" - 
Alexi Delano - "100% Support!!" - 
John Selway - "Definitely will play Crude, nice groove!" -
Michel de Hay - "Bad Carnival = Baaaaaadddd! Great techno!"
John Digweed - "Good stuff!" 
Christian Varela - "Excellent!"
Laurent Garnier - "Ohhh yesss - I like that a lot - Full support from me on both tracks"
Slam - "Fucking A - love them both - "Crude" just edges it - full support"
Butch - "Finally some good techno!"
Alan Fitzpatrick - "Love this. Top release and great start for this new producer!"

12", Digital
Oct 25 2010
Bad Carnival