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Patrick Siech & Per Hammar - Dome/Hot Mess

For the first release in 2011, Gregor Tresher and Break New Soil are happy to present two of the new faces in Swedish Techno: Patrick Siech & Per Hammar. 

Right after the success of his massive “Crude EP” on Adam Beyer´s famous Drumcode imprint, Patrick comes up with the title track “Dome” - and boy what a follow-up it is! Over ten minutes he keeps the tension high, teases us with the raw force of “Dome” over just a few little kick-drum pauses until the track goes through the roof in on hell of a break!

On the flip we have “Hot Mess”, another primetime weapon, and this one Patrick produced together with Per Hammar, who made a name for himself with releases on Great Stuff, Starlight and Kant over the last year, but it was especially his track “El Salvador “ on Mija Recordings a few months ago that introduced Per to a bigger audience, causing quite a stir on dancefloors worldwide!

This is what we think Techno should sound like in 2011.


  • Karotte - "Bombs. Techno 2011. In my January on no.1!!!"
  • Stephan Bodzin - "Will hammer all 3 tracks. Great label, great artists, great A & R "
  • Alan Fitzpatrick - "Love this, whole EP is right up my street!"
  • Sian - "Excellent..full marks for these..heavy duty!"
  • Mihalis Safras - "Dome is proper techno! Absolute madness!"
  • Kaiserdisco - "Hot Mess sounds great! Will play for sure!"
  • Secret Cinema - "Will play both Domes! Friendly floor techno! Will play 100%.."
  • Adam Beyer - "Nice release, will play and support."
  • UNER - "Dome its massive.. both mixes!!!"
  • John Digweed - "Dome is good for me here."
  • Bushwacka! - "Love Dome!!" 
  • Slam - "Excellent stuff - will play Dome in our sets."
  • Hernan Cattaneo - "Really liking the Dome original here."
  • Carlo Lio - "Cool tracks... feelin Dome out of the bunch.. support!"
  • Riva Starr - "Loving Dome and Hot Mess!"
  • King Unique - "Solid ‘deep with peaks’ techno - nice."
  • Danny Howells - "Will be supporting Dome!"
  • Satoshi Tomiie - "Hot Mess will be in my set!"
  • Samuel L Session - "Some good bits here! Will try them out."
  • Kiki - "Dome sounds like a perfect big floor atmosphere builder!"
  • Christian Smith - "I'm a big fan of this label. Always sits nicely between house and techno just the way i like it  This is no excpetion! Full support!"
  • John Acquaviva - "Dome is best and will work for me."
  • Nick Warren - "Hot Mess rocks!!"
  • Technasia - "Nima Khak Remix is the one for me. Support."
  • Smokin Jo - "Hot Mess was my fav. Full support!" 
  • Pig & Dan - "Nice single. Hot Mess is a killer."
  • Layo - "Original of Dome is def the one for me!"
  • Wally Lopez - "Will play both for!"
  • Anderson Noise - "Dome is very, very good!!!"
  • Mauro Picotto - "Quality as always from this label, cool mixes!"
  • Reset Robot - "Hot Mess sounds really good!!"
  • Pan-Pot - "Really nice ep!!!"
  • Okain - "Hot Mess is a real peak time weapon. Harder than what I usually play but it’s so groovy that I want to try it out!"
  • Monika Kruse - "Dome remix is a nice one for me!"
  • Silicone Soul - "Yeah feeling both original & remix... cool tripped & dubbed out tech - the kinda grooves that are prefect for late on...."

Break New Soil Recordings
12", Digital
Jan 03 2011
Patrick Siech - Dome (Original Mix)
Patrick Siech & Per Hammar - Hot Mess (Original Mix)
Patrick Siech - Dome (Nima Khak Remix)


Per Hammar - Hipp Hopp Rave (February 2012)

Per Hammar - Hipp Hopp Rave (February 2012) by Per Hammar

Adam Tensta - Scared of the Dark (Per Hammar's Ugly Dubb) // EMI Music

Adam Tensta - Scared of the Dark (Per Hammar's Ugly Dubb) // EMI Music by Per Hammar




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