I was born and raised in the southern parts of Stockholm and got influences of electronic dance music from an early age, back in those days I was listening to a lot of different styles of music: Hip Hop, Disco, Funk and the early sounds of Techno Pop. In the late 80's I became quite into the sounds of House and Acid House, especially after listening a local radio show that was playing the latest dance music. I heard classic tracks like Stakkers "Humanoid" and "Can you feel it" by Mr. Fingers, it was about this time I really started collecting 12" records.
If I should mention any artists that I have been influenced by I would say most of the legendary Detroit producers, people like Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins, Mr. Fingers, Robert Hood along with Europeans like Luke Slater with his fantastic Planetary Funk series on Peacefrog, Dave Clarke with the Red 1-3 Records, Maurizio's amazing Dub Techno Grooves and of course the electronic sounds from my home country.

During the years I have been through all kinds of electronic music but found my real home in Techno, and that also shows in the way that I spin. Mixing up Techno, Tech House, Deep House and Detroit. I mainy focus on Deep Techno but you could also see me doing straight Deep House sets aswell. I try to see my sets as a musical story. I want to give the crowd music with soul, from my soul, not just playing like a machine.
With many years of DJing behind me I have a big list performances all around Sweden and other countries like Germany, Bosnia, Denmark, Croatia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Mexico, Finland, Poland, Russia, Slovenia and Spain. In 2007 I was voted by the people as one of the 5 best Electronic dance music DJ's in Sweden.

My music productions have been released on my own label Armalyte Records, Physical Soul and Afterglow & Stork (RIP). German labels like Thomas Schumachers Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten and Holzplatten. Other labels in the list is Resopal Schallware, Mutual Solid Cuts, Omegaritam, ReBeat, Restructured Recordings and Metapath Recordings.


Marcus Stork @ Weekend Heroes Open Air [Stockholm 2012/08/04]

Marcus Stork @ Weekend Heroes Open Air [Stockholm 2012/08/04] by Marcus Stork

Marcus Stork @ Deep Department [Stockholm 2012/04/14]

Marcus Stork @ Deep Department [Stockholm 2012/04/14] by Marcus Stork




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Stockholm Soul EP

Aug 08 2011

Marcus Stork
Restructured Recordings