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A Strange Town

Himan is back on Kant Recordings with his third release. This time it's a pure banging techno tune! And do we dare to say that this is Himan's best track so far?  Yes we do!

A Strange Town holds all the elements to become a massive favourite on the floor. The original with its building energy make it hard not to get the floor going into rapture.

The package also include five remixes. E-Klash is giving us  a up-in-yer-face mix, truly a terrific remix. youANDme deliver a remix late night special. 

Sweden's up & coming techno star, Patrick Siech, turned the track into a dark and groovy late night special. Kretipleti's remix is a minimalistic dream. Less is definitely more. And then Calapez is wrapping up the release with his remix.
Conclusion. This is a very strong package and it'll be a hit!

This is what DJ's say about the release:

 Adam Beyer - "Patrick Siech mix for me!!"

Tedd Patterson - (Cielo/NYC) - "Wow. I can't decide which mix is best. This is a solid package. Full support from me."

 Cirillo - "Patrick Siech Remix is great."

 Kiki - "The original + youANDme remix are excellent! Just right for the autumn ahead!"

 Lele Sacchi (Boogie Drama/Floor Radio italy) - "I like the youANDme remix, strong but funky."

 Paris One Reverse - "The Original for me! Playlisted on P1 Reverse."

Andrew Grant - (DC-10/Barraca) - "A Strange Town love it! Nice work. fresh techno J"

Chloe Harris – (Bedrock USA) - "Original is awesome. Love it and will play. Kriet is good too. Minimallllll. Calapez is good interesting too."

Dave Seaman - "A Good mixes!!"

Orde Meikle - (Slam) - "Cool release - great remixes - will play."

Paco Osuna - "youANDme Remix is the one for me, i will try it.”

Dominik Eulberg - "Great release! Nice Hallentechno!"

Hector Romero - "Strange Town Original is doing it big time for me & E Klash remix takes it to another level."

Joris Voorn - "Original is great!"

Reset Robot - "youAndme remix sounds good for me!"

Steve Parry - (Juice FM UK) - "E-Klash mix is solid."

Diversions - (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) - "Love the original plus Patrick Siech remix is a kicker!"

Chris Çolak - (Dinamo.FM / Acik Radio Istanbul) - "Will write a review. Real good tracks. Excellent EP one of the best I got in months."

Scan Mode - (ClubbingSpain) - "Massive! Love the remix from Patrick Siech big dancefloor stormer!"

Kev O – (Datatransmission.co.uk) - "Been familiar with Himan's works from his output on Connaisseur, always impressive and this is bringing it to the next level. Superb EP!"

De:Bug Magazine Germany- "Considering for Review."

Mihalis Safras - "Totally digging Martins remix! Great as always!"

Hatzler - "Too many to choose...think i`m gonna go for the youANDme - and for the Kretipleti Remix...."

Gary Beck - "Nice texture in Calapez remix, but Kretipleti remix works best for me."

Hernan Cattaneo - "Really like original!"

Monika Kruse - "youANDme Remix...will try out."

Misstress Barbara - "I like the Patrick Siech mix."

Martin Eyerer - "The youANDme remix is great! Will play."

Carlo Lio - "Siech mix and Kretleti mix are cool for me. I’ll try them."

Joel Mull - "Patrick Siech mix is Funky!! Full support."

Danny Tenaglia - "All sounding good!! I’ll have to pick a favourite after testing them."

Remo - (Be @ Space Ibiza) - "Great tracks on this release, original and E-Klash remix are the ones I'll play for sure but i will try out also the other versions...very very cool!"

Dubfire - "Original..very good one."

Arnaud Le Texier - "YouANDme and Patrick Siech for me!!!! Will play!"

Alan Fitzpatrick - "These are great, they will smash it!!"

Anderson Noise - "E-Klash Remix is very good!"

Ralf - "Not exactly my style but i like it..."

Technasia - "Original + youANDme remix are my picks.

Gregor Tresher - "Killer original, both E-Klash & youANDme mixes very cool as well. Great package!"

Steve Bug - "The youANDme remix for me and maybe you! J"

Paul Woolford - "Patrick Siech's remix will definitely do some damage, looking forward to testing it out."

Joseph Capriati - "Full support on the Original from me!"

Valka - (Paris One Reverse) - "The original's fat, and Kretipleti's remix takes it another interesting side."

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "E-Klash Remix is nice one ;)"

Ceoltronic Radio - (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "Sounds great. Love the original, Some decent remixes there too. Straight onto Ceoltronic Radio tonight."

Karlos Sense - (Ibiza Sonica) - "A strange Town (you and me remix ) it's very good. Full support in my shows."

Kiko Martínez - (DocePulgadas RadioShow) - "Rock it! special tunes to destroy the dancefloor!"

The Phonic Express - (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "YouANDme work usually floats my boat, here is no different. Deep down and dirty. This is sure to rock Dublin dancefloors!"

Himan (Calapez, Kretipleti, E-Klash, youANDme, Patrick Siech remix)
Sep 15 2010
A Strange Town (Original)
A Strange Town (E-Klash Remix)
A Strange Town (youANDme Remix)
A Strange Town (Patrick Siech Remix)
A Strange Town (Kretipleti Remix)


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A Strange Town

Sep 15 2010

Himan (Calapez, Kretipleti, E-Klash, youANDme, Patrick Siech remix)
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