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All throughout history, man has always been fascinated by the forces of nature and the human body. For many people, this fascination is as diverse as life it self. In some parts of the world, people worship mother earth for abundant harvests while in other parts of the world, a higher being that control our lives. In some parts, people worship the abstract thought of a fair and invisible force, who without feelings or sympathies for mankind, controls our lives with monetary instruments.

Humans have been able to understand many fundamental rules and laws of the physical universe that surrounds us. This understanding is not always sufficient to explain other simple questions about our existence such as the strength and persistence of life itself, even under the most extreme conditions.

Astronomers around the world seek answers by looking backwards in time through telescopic lenses, others seek answers through spiritual and religious experiences while most people seem to take life a little to much for granted. No matter how we perceive our selves in this reality, the only thing that seems to survive us all in the end, is life it self. This is the beat of life.

This new release on International Sound Laboratories comes from Nima Khak, Swedish composer and artist previously known from labels such as Drumcode and H-Productions. The title track, "Beat Of Life" is based on an ultra sound recording of a small baby resting in her mothers belly. The hypnotic sound of the little heart pounding inside her mother, used as a driving force of the track, a deep bass line and looming atmospheric sounds. In this package, you will also find a remix from ISL recordings artist Alexi Delano on the track "Deep exploration".

- Adam Beyer - Great release from Nima, will play and support this for sure! 
- Dub Dummies - Great relese! Beat of life is really nice track, also Deep Exploration!Alexi Delano remix will groove the all the dancefloors! ISLR ROCKS! 
- Kimono - Sweet !! Already been banging some of these around. Bra jobbat Nima ! 
- Ida Engberg - Great piece of sound Nima and Mr Delano!!! Will definitely play this one! Thank you! 
- Tigerstripes - Great originals and a really nice remix. Will spin! 
- Phil Kieran - really like thhis track great vibe off it 
- Phonogenic - Dark n spacey. Like it a lot! 
- Paco Osuna - alexi rmx for me 
- Dustin Zahn - Alexi's remix is a contemporary look into space age travel! He is a man to respect! He is a man to fear! He takes no shit from the swine! 
- Gary Beck - nice original and remix, cheers 
- SLAM - liking these - cool funkage 
- Tony Rohr - Wicked release!!! Alexi's remix makes my world go by in slow motion. This EP is gonna go into my "Travelling to Space Soundtrack" playlist 
- Gel Abril - quality release indeed will support ! 
- Flavio Diaz - very nice shots, favs beat of life and alexi rmx, thanks 
- Sasha Carassi - Deep and strong,love it! 
- Stephan Bodzin - big one. love the whole release. full support! 
- DJ Sneak - in my path 
- Alan Fitzpatrick - Whle release is great. full support on this! 
- Butch - dope trax will play
- Franco Bianco - Uffff!!! This release is fucking HUGE! I will play in my Bs As radishow at Delta FM and also in my sets! ;)))) Thanks for this BOMB!
- Alexi Delano - Love them, I played them all this weekend! :))
- Jean-Louis Huhta - The beat Goes On . Beautiful....Peace
- Marco Bailey - Full support !
- Agaric - Awesome!!! Thanks
- Fredrik Nyberg - solid release!! fav track is 'deep exploration' both original and rmx are great! thanks!!
- Samuli Kemppi - In My Path and AD remix of Deep Exploration for me. Nice deep tracks. Will play on radio.
- Tim Xavier - This release makes me wanna put on my raving' shoes.....
- Nihad Tule - Deep Exploration is my first pick. Remix is nice aswell. Great tracks!
- Calle Dernulf - Great vibe and brilliant tracks! My pick is Deep exploration and In my path!
- Kyle Geiger - Beat of Life and Alexi's remix are the ones for me!
- Joseph Capriati - full support from me for sure! solid package and great remix from Alexi. 

International Sound Laboratory
Sep 20 2011
Beat Of Life
Deep Exploration
In My Path
Deep Exploration (Alexi Delano Remix)






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Sep 20 2011

Nima Khak (Alexi Delano remix)
International Sound Laboratory

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